Fat Storage Vs. Fat Burning

There are fat storage hormones and there are fat burning hormones. Our focus in the clinic is to shift the balance toward more fat burning hormones. Unfortunately, many environmental forces work to shift the balance toward fat storage.

Making the shift in the right direction involves, dietary changes, balancing your nervous system output between fight and flight and rest and digest, addressing emotional issues, and detoxification.

Without making this shift, your efforts are usually futile.

Body Analysis for Stubborn Weight Loss

This device was developed by the Russian Space Program. They used it on the Mir Space Station to monitor and treat their astronauts. We were the first clinic in the United States to import this device. We have been using for 5 years to help identify underlying causes of weight gain and stubborn weight loss.

This is why it’s a must to start with the cause. If you don’t understand the cause, no one can address it. You’re flying blind. So the first step is to get tested. This test is not like anything you’ve ever seen. Most tests are snapshots in time. For example, a blood test looks at what’s in your blood at the moment you get it drawn. And it only tests for a very few things at a time. There’s a lot of room for missed diagnoses. As many of you know, there’s nothing more frustrating for someone suffering with some chronic condition than to go to the doctor, get some blood drawn and be pronounced perfectly healthy when you know darn well that your sick. The blood test just can’t see it. The same is true with x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, and MRIs. After getting three such special imaging tests, 6 medical doctors diagnosed my daughter with having been born with no uterus and no ovaries. They were ALL wrong.

Our test is extremely different. First of all, it’s not considered diagnostic by the medical profession, by the FDA, by me or by anybody for that matter. It is not 100% accurate but neither is any MEDICAL test. Let me tell you though, the findings of this test are extremely valuable. In my opinion, this one test is often worth more than thousands of dollars of blood tests or special imaging. Why? Because it shows functional deficiencies in the body.

What’s a functional deficiency, you ask? Let me explain using Diabetes as an example. You become diabetic when beta cells in your pancreas die or lose their ability to produce insulin. The crazy thing is that 70% of them have to die before a blood test will even detect a  pre-diabetic state. How sad is that? Wouldn’t it be of greater worth to see if some of those cells are struggling long before 70% of them have died? Of course it would. A similar problem exists with thyroid cells. The disease process may have been progressing years before it shows up on a blood test. Our testing device can detect these early stages of disease when something can be done about it.

Now you may be wondering, if this is so good, why doesn’t my doctor have one? Why isn’t it covered by insurance? Well, there hasn’t been enough testing to prove it’s validity and reliability, two important criteria when insurance companies look at new medical equipment.

Then why am I still using it? Because it has proven extremely valuable in my clinical experience. Just because medicine hasn’t proven something yet, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used. When I graduated from school and started practicing, it was almost heresy for a medical doctor to prescribe a vitamin. They wouldn’t do it, even though millions of people had benefited from vitamin therapy. They wouldn’t do it because it hadn’t been proven. No one had paid for studies to prove the efficacy of vitamins. 25 years later doctors prescribe tons of vitamins. How many more millions of people could they have helped if they had prescribed vitamins during those decades. It’s the same story with this device. It hasn’t been proven yet, but it has incredible clinical value.

Take Jim for example. He’s a young man who was in North Carolina doing mission work and got so sick he had to come home early. He went to many doctors trying to find out why he was having such dramatic weight changes, was exhausted all the time, and had severe bowel pains. They ran tons of blood tests, they tested for parasites, they tested his thyroid and many other organs and found absolutely nothing wrong with him. This is unfortunately a common story. He came to my clinic and got tested with our device. It detected a lot of parasites that were not identified by the typical testing methods. We were able to take care of these with anti-parasitic herbs and he quickly regained his health.