More Bad Bacteria than Good (Dysbacteriosis)

About 20 years ago the first study was published showing the weight gaining effects of bad bacteria in the gut. They took two colonies of mice: one was obese colony, the other was thin. Both colonies were given the same diet. The obese mice tended to stay obese while the thin mice tended to stay thin. This looked like a genetic issue.

Then the researchers did something interesting. They extracted the feces from the obese mice and then injected the feces into the thin mice. Guess what happened to the thin mice. They got fat? Why? What were they transferring other than poop? They were of course transferring their bowel bacteria.

This and many studies since then have proven that the wrong bacteria in your gut can cause you to convert your food into sugar faster than another person.

If the test finds that this is the case, we use diet and supplements to shift the balance toward more appropriate bacteria. This is a critical step in the weight loss process i