Heart Disease

Heart disease is the biggest health concern on the planet. More people die of heart disease than any other disease. This is not just true in the United States but in the entire world as well. And the biggest cause of heart disease? Cholesterol plaquing in the arteries. What then causes the plaquing to occur. Well, it’s not high cholesterol. That theory has been debunked. The cause is actually more likely to be a damaged glycocalyx.

Damage to the glycocalyx results in greater permeability of the vessel walls allowing cholesterol to pass into the walls of the vessels resulting in what we call plaque. The cholesterol plaques can eventually get so big they block the flow of blood to the heart tissues resulting in the death of the those tissues. This is called a heart attack. The good news is that the cholesterol plaquing only occurs in the walls of larger vessels. These vessel walls actually have their own blood supply. Capillaries supply blood to the cells that make up the arterial walls. This means that when the glycocalyx is repaired and no more cholesterol can pass through the vessel wall, the accumulated cholesterol can be reabsorbed into the capillaries and into the bloodstream reversing heart disease.