Neuromodulation Therapy (NMT)

What is NMT?

At its most basic, NMT is a safe, effective and rapid method of restoring the body's ability to heal itself. This is accomplished by correcting faults or errors in the control systems of the body. In essence, NMT trains or reprograms the control systems of the body to correct the causes of disease in a natural way.

It is helpful to look at the nervous system as a very sophisticated "bio-computer". Just like your home computer, your bio-computer occasionally will need repair as data become corrupted.

A good computer technician will access information deep within the operating system of the computer in places you and I could never find, assess the problem, and then correct the errors.

This is precisely how a good Neuromodulation practitioner addresses a health problem. He or she will access information deep within the operating system of the body using a clinically friendly method of "Muscle Response Testing". Like a lie detector, this method of testing measures involuntary changes in the body in response to questions. It reveals information that the patient is consciously unaware of, allowing the practitioner to assess the control system errors that cause pain and disease. The practitioner then uses specific corrective statements to train the control systems toward normal function.

How is an NMT Treatment Performed?

NMT treatment is safe, gentle and effective. In performing this painless treatment the practitioner and patient usually face one another with the patient seated on a backless swivelchair. The practitioner will ask the patient specific questions regarding the causes of disease. The patient responds to the query through an involuntary change in muscle tone, which the practitioner can easily measure. This response comes from an area of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system that isconstantlymonitoring and regulating body controls like blood pressure, temperature, and blood sugar. The practitioner then givesa verbal corrective statement that essentially reprograms the control systems tocorrect errors in function. The patient is then asked to turn his/her back to the practitioner and perform a patterned breathing cycle while the practitioner uses the FDA approved Arthrostim instrument to stimulate nerves of the spine with a series of gentle taps.

How Does NMT Correct Disease?

Most chronic degenerative diseases result from confusion of the body's immune system in which the immune system can't tell the difference between our "self' tissue and foreign invaders to the body. The result is that the immune system attacks our own tissue. The "foreign invaders" may be substances that

trigger an allergic response, or it may be microorganisms. The particular disease that develops depends on what tissues are targeted by the immune system. If connective tissues are attacked, the result is rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Sjogren's disease, fibromyalgia and related conditions. If the targeted tissue is the nervous system it may be multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS, and other degenerative nervous system diseases. If the target is the gastrointestinal system the result may be diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohns disease, etc. Conditions like hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and adrenal exhaustion can result when the endocrine system is targeted.

These errors of immune system function can happen as a result of various types of allergy, and also from the presence of some types of pathogenic organisms. Organisms known as "stealth pathogens", "nanobacteria", or "cell wall deficient forms" may go unrecognized in the body by the immune system—instead provoking the immune systems into a generalized inflammatory response that harms our own tissues. Reprogramming the immune system to recognize these pathogens allows them to be identified and destroyed, and permits these autoimmune conditions to heal.

NMT is also a very rapid and effective way of correcting all allergies—not only those to foods, inhalants, and other external substances; but to body tissues and body chemicals. Allergy is really an error in "labeling" of incoming sensation that tells us we have been exposed to some material. This error provokes the immune system into a defensive response that results in the allergy symptoms we experience: NMT attempts to correct the erroneous "labeling", and thereby stops the allergy behavior. NMT addresses the faulty process at the heart of all allergies—so it is usually much faster and more effective than methods that require treatment of each allergen.

Similarly, NMT treatment is used to cause the body to recognize external toxins or chemicals that mimic body hormones or prevent our enzymes systems to work properly. Toxins such as heavy metals are known to cause many illnesses. NMT treatment instructs the body to purge these harmful substances from thetissues and eliminate them.

How Does NMT Resolve Pain in the Body?

Some diseases result from errors in the sensitivity setting of sensors that tell the nervous system what ishappening in the body, and in the processing of information from these sensors. Imagine what happens if a pain, or a stretch sensor in a foot, shoulder, or spine is set to trigger too easily. What if that message is unnecessarily amplified in the central nervous system? This can produce a condition of chronic pain and stiffness that NMT rapidly corrects by optimally resetting the nervous system.

Conditions that have not responded to drugs, exercise, or physical therapy usually respond well to NMT. Even the most difficult of such conditions typically show marked improvement within six to twelve visits. Patients are often startled by how rapidly and completely their pain diminishes—often before they leave the treatment chair.