Retinopathy, Nephropathy, and Neuropathy

These three conditions often occur together.  Some of you will know what disease causes this unfortunate trifecta. And that would be diabetes. Why can diabetes result in these three secondary diseases and what are these diseases? Well first, what is diabetes?  Diabetes is basically too much sugar in the blood. And too much sugar causes damage to the blood vessels. And how do you think sugar damages blood vessels? You got it. It destroys the glycocalyx. The result is that capillaries die. The smallest and/or the most susceptible capillaries happen to be in the eyes, the kidneys and the feet. Thus diabetics often develop, a loss of vision called retinopathy, kidney disease called nephropathy and a painful disease of the feet called neuropathy.  Of course you don’t have to be diabetic to develop these diseases. You just have to have a damaged glycocalyx. In my clinic, we treat a lot of neuropathy patients. And interestingly enough, we see a lot more non-diabetic neuropathy than we do diabetic neuropathy. And you can probably guess the reason why. We, as a society, eat more junk food, are exposed to more toxins, and are under more stress than ever. These of course are also causes of glycocalyx damage.

Nerve Damage
The symptoms of neuropathy are ultimately due to damaged nerves in the feet, hands or other areas of the body. So ultimately the treatment of neuropathy must include therapies to repair this damage. One of the most powerful therapies is whole body magnetic resonance.

We introduce whole body magnetic fields using a device called a Magnesphere. This is a fascinating therapy. You will lay on a zero gravity chair and be bathed in a very powerful magnetic field. It’s incredibly powerful not because it’s strong but because it’s very weak. In fact the magnetic field it generates is 50 million times weaker than the magnetic field generated by the battery in your cell phone. Why is such a weak magnetic field so powerful? Because it mimics the natural magnetic fields generated by the cells and tissues of your body which are essential to health and wellbeing.

You see, disease, stress and injury to the body alter the strength and frequency of these fields which alters the physiology of your body. The magnesphere normalizes these altered magnetic fields restoring them to healthy states.

Neuropathy Testimonial


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